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24:24Hair: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)
22:24Plastics: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)
25:55Raids: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)
21:25Asylum: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)


  • Hoosier is a tire brand. you're supposed to impose Hoosiers on your car, not your gay people.

  • If John Oliver gets killed by an octopus, did he get murdered or did he get occupied...I kill me...

  • president Biden won't fix this. President Harris will!!

  • You are a victim per John Oliver

  • just throw an F-35 project at this... projected lifetime cost of $1.7 trillion...

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  • "Housing discrimination" Lol what will they think of next?!

  • How can one believe this guy when he teaches Americans about American history when he is a foreigner who hates this country.

  • Racists always argue, "those [racist] things don't offend _me_, so why should they be banned"? Fcking morons.

  • Reparations: Throwing money at an old problem. At least that's what I'm hearing. It's so EASY! Except, throwing money is stupid in all cases. I'll gladly point out why upon request. Just know that money is only a symbol. It is NOT an action. How About: Balancing the USA by wiping out any and every iota of racism and every other hate-ism in every little corner of the USA? That's HARD. That's of course going to be the inconvenient 'Government telling me what to do'. But it is Boots On The Ground solving the problem where indeed "All (hu)men are created equal" and are going to LIVE equal as well. Action and actual resolution of each and every hateful problem is what's required to let us all just be humans living together, with all our human problems and human weaknesses, knowing we actually care for and take care of each other the best we can. So hit me for caring. It's an investment in both ourselves and everyone else: Caring. It's everything next to the paper symbol nothing of money.

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  • Right now there is a war on poor people, full stop. You move into a poor area, try to fix it up, they raise the rent. Even worse in the black communities where landlords don't even go to their own property.

  • Tucker Carlson apparently gets many, many views, yet when I type his name in I immediately get videos from John oliver and his ilk slating him.....Something tells me NOwine's algorithms aren't fair. If Carlson is so watched then when I search for him I should be given him, right?

  • John Oliver desperately trying to trash more popular guy. How lame is that. Pathetic puppet of the leftist 🤡

  • The Constitution clearly states that your property is an extension of you. Read the constitution please. This disabled vet is literally begging you.

  • I didn’t know Jerma was an Olympic hopeful

  • Once in a century pandemic? So I guess HIV/AIDS, the 1968-69 Influenza A/H3N2, and the 1958-59 Influenza A/H2N2, are all things that didn't happen? HIV/AIDS death toll is upwards of 35 million, and those 2 Influenza outbreaks between 3 and 8 million.

  • 2:11 Alcohol is an illegal product?

  • I remember when Lou Dobbs wasn't senile , seems like a lifetime ago back when bush could juke dodge not one but Two shoes like a champ lol!

  • America is a stupid racist country - Fredrick Douglas.

  • Engraçado que se alguém argumentasse assim no Brasil seria tachado como extrema-direita, fascista, etc..

  • Great. Let's give money to Black people. But who's Black? If your great-grandfather was Black but you are now considered White, should you receive money? How much? If you say you're Black, who decides if you really are or not--and how do they do so? Conversely, if you identify as Black should we consider how Black you are? How? Pretty much every Black person in America has White ancestry; should we have a sliding scale? Also, this is hardly the only historically relevant, systematic, official, long-standing inequality. Every foot of land in the U.S. was taken from the Native people who lived here. The results of that are quite evident. Pretty much every immigrant group has suffered from outrageous inequality that has had long-standing negative results. For example, my parents were unable to get many jobs because they were Italian; it's safe to assume that I would have a lot more money now if my father had had a much better job all his life. Should I get reparations? If not, why? Unfortunately, Reparations is a great idea, until you really start looking at it.

  • Sorry, John, but this segment reeks of NIMBY. The message is correct but you are NOT the right messenger for it.

  • And wealth gaps don't automatically mean racism. Just like the "Gender wage gap" has nothing to do with sexism. Disparities don't automatically mean discrimination. Good luck with reparations 😂 That's REALLY stupid.

  • I took courses to get a Real estate license about a year or so ago, and I have to say, John is wrong about discrimination in housing today. It's practically IMPOSSIBLE for Realtors to discriminate against race in home selling. People lose their licenses FAST. Even a CLAIM of racist discrimination throws you license in jeopardy. The body of law around it is THICK, and there's no "sneaky" ways to discriminate either. The real bottom line today is, Can you afford to live in this house? And Is your credit good enough to get the loan? Those are the only things that really affect whether or not you'll get the house you want. Not saying discrimination in housing didn't exist in the past, that would be ridiculous, but it doesn't exist anymore.

  • "Tucker Carlson is Nothing But A Putz Who Will Say Anything To Get Someone's Attention & To Suck Up to Adleson!"

  • 26:00 these sexually hung-up people are fvcking 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡 GROW UP

  • 7:43 simply superb

  • This video is in need of change, for today's events. But, none the less a great time watching. I live Oliver's sense of humor and delivery. Keep on keep'n on John!

  • Communists stole half my country and it took 45 years for them to give it back.

  • Who else sees Martin L King's silhouette in the key?

  • I'm big-time blackpilled as hopeless as hell, but John Oliver still makes me smile and cackle like I did at 14. He's a treasure, an honor to our species.

  • We even feel some of the effects of uncle donnie's decisions over here in europe.

  • Yes slave master kidnapped my daughter Olivia Monique tell 20 years ago Emmanuel hospital she was born to who my wife the father I signed the birth certificate. Is she ever want to look up Daddy be careful they may assassinate you God's grace ministries threatened to assassinate me one video tape design for change threatened to assassinate me through my coworker Street needs her tall black man. He delivered the message and they say they go be looking for you that is called stalking. So they can assassinate. God's grace ministries fundraisers scammers because they not non-profit tax exemption.

  • Don’t diss my boy Arthur like that. He was once great 😊

  • As someone who works at a tv station own by Deathstar. This not only made me laugh but also annoyed on how ridiculous we show ads yet Nexstar can't pay me & my coworkers in production a living income. Hell at the beginning of the lockdowns last year, the offices where be able to stay home & get paid, while me & everyone in production wouldn't be paid if we decided to stay home. 2 of my coworkers had covid (A few feet away from me) & weren't able to come back til a month later. Nexstar doesn't give a damn about it's employees & their lives.

  • So keeping the tell legacy in poverty because I married a white woman and had a baby by a white woman Tanya Renee Tuttle Eugene Oregon yes Jim and Donna slogan Tuttle Jim Tuttle and Donna slogan mission Viejo location Eugene Oregon Alabama location. Facebook location. Pictures of my daughter playing the piano Facebook page Grandpa Facebook page. So they tell her how to play piano they taught me how to raise donations for housing domestic violence survivors whose daughters was kidnapped by the slave master

  • american govt would rather see us all die before they lock it back down and have to pay us big stimulus

  • This is like the 3rd time I hear Jeffrey Dahmer name from John, and yes I know who he was

  • So help me get back into real estate where I had intended to be before I was sexually propositioned by the insurance company that don't pay black people Katrina victims never paid remember Wallace Moreland my treasurer grandmother never paid she was a Katrina survivor the flood came State farms did not pay for flood damage. Discrimination

  • So because 2015 State farms insurance company CEO Michael tell me I can't get paid for neck and back pain because I want to have housing for black people in Portland Oregon denied housing I can't get paid. Yes my counselor at transitional projects Incorporated was fired Larry was fired he was black for not giving black people housing he was fired for not giving black people housing yes I was one of the black people he say no housing for black people but his company get government grant money for housing black people fascinating scandal Portland Oregon homelessness. Consequences 4,000 homeless people sleeping outside

  • "I Think I Would Need a Lot Of Adult Diapers As I Climb Mount Everest Especially Crossing A Crevast on An Extension Ladder!"

  • this is still relavant

  • Brilliant as ever John Oliver

  • I want to buy a house and rent it to people sleeping outside HUD housing group homes for the homeless people getting out of prison. Portland Oregon 4,000 people sleeping outside

  • I never got paid I said I am a boy Damien and I can't get paid my secretary he got paid I guess she homosexual today

  • Yes at State farm's insurance company requesting sex for housing program for my church me I'm an entrepreneur

  • Guaranteed, now that the time to continue the eviction moratorium has lapsed, a disproportionate number of black families will be evicted.

  • Fuck Tower Records... I want a happy ending for Strawberry's!

  • Love you John

  • The idea lingers, dear boy... because you realise that an event or incident does not necessarily need to have provided evidence for said incident to have happened... Or any witnesses, for that matter. Like a tree falling in the woods? Yeah, same principle. Just because no one got CAUGHT, doesn't mean that one or more of them were not involved in making it happen. It also doesn't mean that they did have anything to do with it. All I'm saying is... lack of evidence does not guarantee or denote innocence. One of those Brit royals 100% had something to do with Diana's death...

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  • At first I was like "hold on, this is a massive accusation" and then you showed the videos of him.

  • No one takes a victory lap quite like john oliver.

  • Mr Oliver, get over it - I've heard the same crap from you more and more when you try to boost your "PC score". We all know the unfair past to put it lightly. Do something to improve the current situation - now you just divide and put more fuel on the fire. Try to put out the fire instead, like many of us try to do. We need peace - not war. You once were really fuckin' funny Mr Oliver. I listen to you less and less for every year with this brainwashing over, and over and over...

  • Japanese got reparations for the concentration camps, black people should get repetitions for all that happened to them decades after decades

  • Does John Oliver live in a black neighborhood? Does he know how many billions of dollars was lost by whites when property values plummeted? Does he know how much damage was done when they fled away to distant suburbs and their neighborhoods were destroyed?

  • Realtors are snakes

  • one of the many examples of systematic racism is this entire segment

  • If only they let Obama accomplish something. The gop fought him on everything. They don’t give a sheet ab their constituents. He could have brought about real, good changes.

  • On the real though, this happens all over the world and it’s been happening for a long time. These revelations aren’t really revelations. The real issue is how far the lengths are for people to not even acknowledge that there’s a problem.

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  • Donald trump is not a wartime president, because wartime presidents get re-elected.

  • Holy shit john oliver is dumb. Was he always this dumb?

  • I want one!

  • Holy shit. Watching this now is like a fever dream. Like I went back in time to where everything went wrong. Oh my god.

  • Don’t worry, Hollywood is on there way to normalizing this kind of content as well..not just in cartoons though...sick